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Our Story

How we started Ooh & Aah...
Family Team

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re Mrs. Ooh (Ruth) & Mrs. Aah (Barbara-Anne), and we’re self-confessed cookie mumsters. But how did we become Cookie Queens? This is the Ooh&Aah Cookies Team.

The story kicks off in 2011, when best gal pals, Barbara-Anne and Ruth, joined forces to create an exciting new bakery business near Belfast. After having explored the trends in Australia and the USA, they decided to bring those cookie baking influences back to their home crowd!

Business boomed and they invested all their spare time into creating an exciting, bright, colourful and forward-thinking cookie machine. Then, as the business grew up, so did Barbara-Anne and Ruth… They both got married and next on the list of “to do’s” was babies!

Ruth and Barbara-Anne knew that spare time would soon become a distant memory. So, the girls decided to develop a range of products which could be made-to-order and shipped directly to customers. And so… “Ooh & Aah’s Signature Cookie Card” was born! Launched in 2015, the first postable and personalised 7” Chocolate Chip Cookie in the UK was a huge hit!

Cookies were flying out the door and we needed more help to fulfil the ever growing pile of orders… So, Barbara-Anne created her own tiny army of future bakers when she gave birth to TRIPLETS in 2016!

Immediately a new phase of flex-appeal became all too familiar as the business adapted to welcome the new #mumboss. Then at the beginning of 2018, Ruth joined the mum club when she had a baby girl. Ruth also welcomed Baby Baker Will to the tribe in 2020. The future tribe of bakers.

Ooh& Aah are now shipping hundreds of cookies weekly, and our kick ass ethos of strong working mums has been the key factor in the success of the Ooh & Aah brand. We believe anything is possible with hard work, determination, wine, milk, muslin cloths and a good solid four hours of sleep a night!

We hope our outgoing, bubbly and creative personalities are reflected in our brand. Our aim is to provide super tasty, fun and quirky products for everyone to enjoy… all whilst being the best mums we can be!

We hope you love our quirky products as much as we do!

We are the Ooh&Aah Cookies Team and this is our story… so far!

Much Love,

Barbara-Anne, Ruth, Freddy, Charly, Lexy, Izzy & Will

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