Choc Chunk Cadbury Caramel Stuffed Cookies (Box of 6)

Choc Chunk Cadbury Caramel Stuffed Cookies (Box of 6)


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Choc Chunk Cadbury Caramel Stuffed Cookies… You’re gonna love this.

Our signature chocolate chip cookie dough, stuffed to the brim with Cadbury Caramel Spread and Chocolate Caramel Chunks. Caramel, chocolate, cookies… The best three ‘C’ words we have ever heard. Super delicious, gooey and the perfect tea time treat.

A delicious addition to our new stuffed cookie box and now a treat for you to enjoy on it’s own. Designed by our honourary team member @nataliesmyth10 who won the Cookie Designer Competition. This incredible box of six Cadbury Caramel Stuffed Cookies is an actual delight! Soft, chewy and oh so gooey.

Why not level up and grab our Caramel Stuffed Cookies, Sock & Mug Bundle?!

It’s about time you treat yourself (or someone special)!

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